Snow in June

Snow in june

Chen Shi-Zheng has made it something of a mission to translate the traditions of Beijing music theatre for modern American audiences. He’s fascinated by the collision of artistic idioms this implies, and his most recent work, Snow in June, is a wild amalgam. It’s lovely and compellingly strange… Like a visionary chef, Mr. Chen has a remarkable willingness to experiment with disparate ingredients in the same pot. … Snow in June’s visual and aural elements are eerily suggestive of a new theatrical cuisine.

                           The New York Times December 20, 2003

Chen Shi-Zheng always surprisingly uses the traditional Chinese stagecraft and inspired visual imagery. … Chen’s ability to celebrate cultural differences and similarities allows the audience to connect with this sumptuous feast. Snow in June shocks with its stunning imagery and brilliant blend of ideas, even as it sticks to the traditional storytelling frame.

        Boston Herald December 5, 2003